Trend of exhibition in 2017 ~Investigation result by POP.Inc~

exhibition scheduleAccording to the survey, the number of exhibitions scheduled to be held this year (mainly BtoB) is 709 cases.
And the exhibition tended to concentrate about 70 exhibitions each month in the autumn of September to November.
Among them, “IT, information processing and office equipment” is 59 cases more than 10 cases with last year.
The number of holdings on health, welfare, and beauty is also increasing to 34 cases , promotion of further use by technologies such as AI and IoT, including VR, in the field of health and welfare You can see what is expected of the exhibition .




POP Inc.conducted a questionnaire is aiming at organizers, exhibition halls, related organizations, companies, etc. in November 2016 .
And to published the “2017 Exhibition Handbook”.