DSC00831The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association will hold “FOOMA JAPAN 2017” (International Food Industry Exhibition) at the Tokyo Big Site for four days from 13th to 16th June.
This year, 775 exhibitors will exhibit and expand up to 34,437 square meters using East 7 – 8 holes in addition to East 1 – 6 Halls.
This exhibition is a comprehensive trade show on Asia’s largest food technology that proposes a rich future developed by food technology with the theme of “食の未来への羅針盤。”

DSC00861They demonstrate the actual equipment and performance, demonstrate the automated food manufacturing process, products aiming for high quality, the efficient production system utilizing IoT, and introduce the features of goods and services in an easy-to-understand manner.

In this time, we will actively promote internationalization, three countries in China, Taiwan and Denmark will exhibit the pavilion within the Eighth Hall, as well as the “JETRO商談会in FOOMAJAPAN” inviting overseas buyers will be implemented . Furthermore, within the global space domestic and foreign embassies and related organizations will provide information on overseas major markets as well as a consultation office to expand overseas markets.

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Exhibition:FOOMA JAPAN 2017
Date: 13th to 16th June
Venue:Tokyo Big Site